This is a really exciting month for us as we officially moved into our new office premise and we are all ready to welcome in our favourite time of the year – Christmas! And what better way to usher in all the festivities than a Christmas tree?

For years, people who live in tropical Singapore have been forced to settle for ugly plastic fakes as real Christmas trees were very expensive to import. Fortunately with the advancement of global logistic networks, it’s now possible (and much cheaper) to have your very own real Christmas tree as you celebrate this joyous occasion!

So what’s with the real deal? Read on to find out.

🎄 Real trees have a beautiful pine aroma. Not only does it reminds you of real Christmas, the scent is also loaded with compounds that have positive effect on the human body, such as stress relief and lifting spirits.

🎄 Real trees are more eco-friendly as plastic trees are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. It is also estimated that an artificial tree will generate twice the amount of carbon footprint than that of a real tree!

🎄 Real trees helps with the environment and atmosphere. Christmas trees, like all other trees, take in carbon dioxide, provide clean air and oxygen and help control in soil erosion.

Of course though all of us would love to have that big Christmas tree in our living hall, some of us may not have the luxury of high ceiling and empty space to place house it. Here’s the next best thing, you can get a miniature Christmas tree instead! Especially suitable for those of us who stay in shoe boxes HDB flats, this 30cm tree sits perfectly on your coffee table! Or buy one for your office desk to bask in the joyous mood!

For something different and unique, you can consider a desktop miniature Christmas wreath! Adorned with dried flowers, this fresh fir wreath exudes class and sophistication!

So while we get busy with unpacking and setting up our new office with our real miniature Christmas greenery, you may want to check out gift exchange ideas from our Christmas Edition, available now till 24 Dec 2018 only.

Merry Christmas in advance! Ho ho ho~

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