Now you’ve got almost everything ready for your BIG Day, don’t forget your bridal bouquet! Since flowers can play such an important part of the wedding day, how does one go about choosing the right flowers?

Take cues from Floriography, the crypotological language establised in the Victorian era for people to communicate their feelings with the help of flowers. Pick your blooms based on their specific symbolism and significance to make your wedding a meaningful and unforgettable one!

Here are our top 8 favourite blooms for bridal bouquets!


🌷 Peony

Peonies are a gorgeous choice for a bridal bouquet, they work well alone and can also look stunning mixed with roses. The peony represents love, happiness, good health and prosperity – all perfect ways to start a marriage!
*Take note that this beauty is seasonal and only available from April to June!

🌷 Ranunculus 

Well known for its diversity of brilliant colors, this rounded bloom is similar in appearance to camellias, with multiple layers of crepe-paper-thin petals. In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says, “I am dazzled by your charms and attractiveness.”
*Ranunculus are seasonal flowers, so speak to your florist to check their availability.


🌷 Protea

Dating back 300 million years, this flower comes in many sizes and colors and symbolises boldness, courage and diversity.  The ornate protea is used in unforgettable bridal bouquets, centerpieces and backdrops.


🌷 Tulip

Tulips are classic flower of love, symbolising affection and happy years. Believed by many people to be the most romantic of flowers, tulips also represent elegance and grace. This beloved beauty also comes in many colours: Red tulips signify undying love and purple ones mean forever love!


🌷 Dahlia

Dahlias are great for creating outstanding bridal bouquets because its multi-layered petals add a lot of body and beauty. This flower represents a lasting bond and commitment between two people, making them pretty perfect for weddings!


🌷 Eustoma

The Eustoma flower takes its name from ancient Greece, where the flower was popular as a love charm. With delicate petals and oval shaped leaves, it has been said to symbolise appreciationhappiness, joy, contentment, peace and love, making it the perfect flower for using in weddings!


🌷 Hydrangea

A pompom-like lush bloom with a delicate lace of small petals, the hydrangea symbolises perseverance, gratefulness and pride. With an abundance of colours to choose from, this bloom is often added as sweet sentiment for your romantic day.
*Though beautiful, hydrangeas don’t last very well out of water, so use them cautiously. If they start to wilt prematurely, submerge them in water for about 45 minutes to revive them.


🌷 Rose

Roses are definitely one of the most popular wedding flowers as they are visually stunning and possess positive significance. Red roses mean true passionate love and are clear wedding favourites.

Light pink roses are also a wonderful choice as they represent admiration, gentleness, and appreciation which are great attributes to bring into a wedding union.

Yellow roses stand for joy, wisdom, friendliness and optimism which make them a fantastic option as well.

Desire, enthusiasm and passion are associated with orange roses.

And, of course, the pristine white rose is symbolic of innocence, virtue and pure love.
*Go for the David Austin roses for a more luxurious looking bridal bouquet!


There you have it, enter into marital bliss with our favourite wedding blooms that are symbolic of love and happiness in your bridal bouquet. Speak to us for other wedding floral requirements such as Floral Arch, Reception Centrepieces, Boutonnieres, etc.


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