So you already know what to do when you receive that gorgeous bouquet from our previous post. But why are flowers looking sad within a day or two? Check out the 5 common mistakes you could be making with your fresh blooms!


1. Depriving the Blooms of Fresh & Clean Water

Hydration is the key to help your blooms last longer. Try to transfer your blooms into a vase of fresh and clean water as soon as you can. You should also change the water every 2-3 days before the water becomes cloudy. Ensure your vase is properly cleaned at the same time as well!


2. Not Cutting the Stems in the Correct Manner

The stems of your flowers work like straws, so it’s important to trim the stems regularly so that the flowers can absorb the water properly. It’s also important to cut them at a 45° angle to ensure the ends don’t rest on the bottom of the vase as that will make it harder for the flowers to ‘drink’.


3. Forgetting to Prune Regularly

As leaves tend to decay quickly when submerged in water, you will need to make sure that the leaves do not fall below the water line. Also, do remove all dead or withering petals or leaves to prevent bacterial contamination that will cause shorten the lifespan of your beautiful blooms.


4. Placing your Flowers under Direct Sunlight

Once the flowers are cut, the process of photosynthesis stops and hence sunlight is no longer necessary. In fact, heat will cause your flowers to wilt faster and encourage bacteria growth. So the best practice is to place your delicate flowers in a cool environment where they can fully blossom.


5. Putting your Blooms near Ripening Fruits

It may be aesthetically pretty to place flowers near your fruit bowls but that could lead to your blooms dying prematurely! As fruits start to ripen, tiny amounts of ethylene gas are released to hasten the process of flower ageing, so keep your blooms away from fruits to prolong its longevity!

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