You’ve just been pleasantly surprised with some gorgeous blooms from your loved ones and now you’re probably thinking about how to make these beautiful flowers look fresh and last as long as possible. Here are some simple steps to preserve that beauty.

♥ We know you love how the flowers are beautifully packaged and presented (so do we), but in order to make your blooms last longer, it’s best to remove the packaging and place them in fresh water as hydration is the key when it comes to flower longevity. Gently unwrap and remove the packaging. Keep the tape that holds the flowers together to maintain the design we have painstakingly created (remove it only if you want to re-arrange the flowers).


♥ Then use a pair of garden shears to trim 1 – 2cm off the stems at a 45° angle to allow for better hydration. Remove all foliage that falls below the water line as they have a high tendency to decay and contaminate the water. Remember to re-trim your blooms once every 2 days to remove air bubbles in the stem tissue which could impede on water absorption.


♥ Next, prepare a clean vase (you can use mild detergent to kill off any bacteria and rinse thoroughly with water) and fill it with water. Mix in the flower food provided to help your flowers last longer and encourage your blooms to open up more beautifully. It’s also important to clean your vase thoroughly, change water and replenish flower food every 2 days, after re-trimming!
If you run out of flower food, you can also do a homemade concoction by mixing lemon juice, sugar and a few drops of bleach in your water!


♥ Lastly, place your flowers away from cigarette smoke, heat, direct sunlight and ripening fruits. Remove wilted flowers and change the water regularly to avoid contamination. Now you can busk in the joy of looking at your beautifully-arranged blooms!

Thank us later, ciaoz~

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